Privacy Policy

Definition of Personal Data:
Personal Data is information we collect regarding a living individual, which includes name, date of birth and other information that may be used to specifically identify you.
Use of Personal Data
1. Information will be used solely for the following purpose
(1)Responding to inquiries or consult with clients
(2)Introducing our products
(3)Shipping Items
2. We do not share your information with Third Parties.
3. Information you provide us may be disclosed to outsourcing companies, who we have contract with regarding personal data, in order to achieve the purpose of use.
4. If you wish to disclose, update, correct, add, eliminate your personal data, receive notification on use of your information, or request to not have your information shared to third parties, please contact below.
5. We ship products, respond to inquiries, and communicate with clients, based on information provided to us.
6. We do not collect personal data for Cookies
※Cookie is a unique identification assigned to your computer or mobile device
Updating or Eliminating Your Information:
To request for an update or deletion of your personal data contact below.
If you have an account on our website, updates on your information can be made through the “My Account” menu.
Use of SSL:
Our website uses SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)to protect your data from being intercepted, interfered, or tampered with.
※SSL is a cryptographic system that prevents third parties from eavesdropping on client and server’s communication or tampering data. SSL creates a more secure connection between you and our company.
Updates to Privacy Policy:
An announcement will be made on our website, should there be a change in the privacy policy, what or how we collect personal information, and the use of the data.
A) the type of personal information we collect
B) the use of the information
C) the privacy policy
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