16. Samurai – Setta – zori (Japanese traditional sandals) – Brown – Samurai stripe pattern – Nishijin Kyoto silk – Men’s – Made in Japan – FORTUNA Tokyo




16. Samurai / Setta (Japanese traditional sandals) / Brown

Nishijin Kyoto silk handmade setta zori (Japanese traditional sandals) with Samurai stripe pattern.

The highest quality setta zori (Japanese traditional sandals) with unique Samurai stripe pattern.

Japanese traditional sandals called Setta have straps that are put between the big toe and the other toes. We use 100% Nishijin Kyoto silk to straps, strong bull leather to the sole. The sole is curved upward at the toes for comfortable walking. Experienced craftsman in Kyoto painstakingly makes each setta to provide highest quality item with luxury texture.

This item comes with a gift box.

Size : length 27 cm, Width 10.5 cm
Color : Samurai stripe pattern, Green tea(straps), Brown (body)
Material : Nishijin Kyoto silk 100% (out side of straps), PVC (inside of straps and setta), Bull leather (sole)
Accessories : gift box
Country of origin : Japan

FORTUNA Tokyo is a Japanese luxury brand, born from Kyoto, Nishijin textiles, with a mission to ensure the preservation of traditional Japanese craftsmanship techniques. While the texture is soft, the item has high durability, natural elasticity, and a finishing look that gives you an elegant and classy vibe.