19. MASAMUNE – Folding fan – Hand fan – MASAMUNE royal crest pattern stripe – Navy Blue – Nishijin Kyoto silk – Bamboo – FORTUNA Tokyo




【19. MASAMUNE / Folding fan / Navy Blue】

Nishijin Kyoto silk handmade folding fan with Masamune (samurai warrior) pattern.

Masamune was a famous regional SAMURAI of Japan’s Azuchi–Momoyama period through early Edo period and known as ruler in Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture. He was often called the “One-Eyed Dragon”.He is also known for very fashionable SAMURAI because of his unique crescent-moon-bearing helmet which became a model for “STAR WARS” Darth Vader.

Colors of stripe pattern are imagined from a golden crescent moon of his helmet and Japanese traditional color called “KACHIIRO”. KACHIIRO is dark navy which seem like almost black, and this color is known for lucky color which brings “victory” to people and loved by many SAMURAI worriers.

Both Nishijin Kyoto silk and Kyoto folding fan have more than 1200 years’ history, and each folding fan is made carefully by skillful and experienced craftsman in Kyoto. It takes about 3 months to complete. This item comes with gift box and fan pouch, and we also have same pattern’s necktie. These are very popular as made in Japan’s high-quality gift.

Material : Nishijin Kyoto silk 100% (fan), Bamboo (frame), Nishijin Kyoto silk (front of pouch), Rayon 100% (back of pouch)
Accessories : Fan pouch, gift box
Fan size : H21cm×W38cm (opened), H21cm×W2.7cm (closed)
Fan pouch size : H22.7cm×W4cm
Gift box size : H24.7cm×W9cm
Country of origin : Japan
Place of processing : Kyoto

FORTUNA Tokyo is a Japanese luxury brand, born from Kyoto, Nishijin textiles, with a mission to ensure the preservation of traditional Japanese craftsmanship techniques. While the texture is soft, the item has high durability, natural elasticity, and a finishing look that gives you an elegant and classy vibe.