18. HOKUSAI – Necktie – Mt. Fuji and Sakura Cherry Blossoms small figure pattern – Black – Jacquard Woven Nishijin Kyoto Silk – Men’s – Made in Japan – FORTUNA Tokyo





Men’s Nishijin Kyoto silk tie with Mt. Fuji and Sakura Cherry Blossoms small figures pattern

This tie designed as a motif by “Hokusai  Katsushika” appeared as a leading Ukiyo-e artist in Japan.

Hokusai is famous for Ukiyo-e paintings in the world. His masterpiece is the painting of  Mt. Fuji and the Great Wave off the Coast of Kanagawa.

The front pattern of the Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms represents “Tradition of Japan” and elegance.

This modern design easily matches the business scene.

FORTUNA Tokyo provides three colors of navy blue, red, and black.

We haved committed to use traditional Japanese colors as Hokusai frequently used navy blue and and red Fuji, the color of the sunset at Mt.Fuji. .

On the lining behind the big sword, we printed Hokusai’s masterpiece “Fugaku 36 scenes”, dare to make lining “gaudy”, expressing the “stylishness of Nippon” sticking to the invisible preferences of Japanese people.

It’s perfect as a set gift item together with the same design Kyoto folding fan.

“Hoping that your beautiful personality blooms.”

Blade width: 7cm/narrow tie
Approximate tie length: 143cm
Color : Black
Material: Nishijin Kyoto Silk 100%, Jacquard woven
Country of origin: Made in Japan

FORTUNA Tokyo is a Japanese luxury brand, born from Kyoto, Nishijin textiles, with a mission to ensure the preservation of traditional Japanese craftsmanship techniques. While the texture is soft, the tie has high durability, natural elasticity, and a finishing look that gives you an elegant and classy vibe.