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FORTUNA Tokyo Anti-virus processing T shirts unisex, Never Give Up.

Anti-virus processing shirts are now on sale.

About anti-virus processing: It has shown effective test data against viruses with the same characteristics as COVID-19. It not only has disinfecting cloth properties, but also exhibits multi-functional deodorant, antifouling and antibacterial effects. The catalyst does not evaporate or elute at room temperature, so the effect is long-lasting even after repeated washing.

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Made in Japan Products

Based on the concept “Traditional Modern”, a fusion of current trends and Japanese tradition was made possible. For the majority, our products are men’s wear orientated. We produce items such as woven neckties, shirts, as well as traditional folding fan, all at the highest quality standard.


    The unique original design and high quality made in Japan.



    I had it sent from Japan to the USA. The customer center responds quickly, and the products are polite and very satisfying.



    This polo shirt is very cool and I like the good fabric and wash durability.